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Recording Engineers/Producers

The Mix Shop Recording Studio
Serving the Boston MA area for half the price of our competitors for the same sound!
Happy Music, Happy Wallet!
Paul Robinson

The Mix Shop Recording Studio is located in the house of Boston producer Paul Robinson.  He has over 10 years of experience recording, mixing, mastering and producing music.  He began his musical career at age 15 playing the drums for his church.  After taking drum lessons for years, he became interested in the bass guitar, then lead guitar and began taking lessons on both.  By age 17, he played the upright bass in the Georgia state orchestra with his  school and recorded a professionally recorded rock demo tape that gained lots of attention.  At 18, he  began attending Central State University, near Dayton, OH. as a music major studying under world renowned musicians.  By this time he started a home studio and began producing and recording artists. Within a couple years he was producing for  some of the biggest artists in Dayton, Ohio and making enough monetary gain to quit his day job and support himself.  Around this time he produced songs for R&B legend Aaron Hall and for one of Alicia Keys background vocalists, to name a few.  After college, he moved to Huntsville, AL. to attend Alabama A&M University for graduate school, and began playing gigs as a blues guitarist.  To this day, he is permanently living in Malden, MA. near Boston and he continues to improve his skills as a musician, producer and audio engineer.  He is well versed in R&B, Hip-Hop, Blues, Jazz, Rock, and Bachata production.

Jim Anderton

Jim Anderton is constantly working on his craft of writing, producing, mixing and mastering music.  He has played the guitar and bass guitar for well over ten years.  He constantly watches tutorials to push his knowledge and learn from industry professionals.  he loves to talk eq's, compressors, new plug-ins, mixing techniques, etc..  


Jim holds a degree in Audio engineering and currently attends Berklee college of music for Audio production and song writing.  Jim is well versed in Rock and hip hop production


Jim (old studio).PNG
Chris Heidorn

Chris Heidorn began his musical journey as a vocal major in college where he learned to pin down techniques as a professionally trained singer and musician.  He soon began producing music and learning how to record/mix.  After being accepted into Berklee college of Music he decided to instead pursue a degree in Audio Engineering from Ex'pression College for Digital Arts.  He currently is trained as a singer/vocal coach, music producer, and audio engineer with well over 10 years of experience.  He is well versed in the styles of electronica, dubstep, rock and R&B production.  


Note:  The video below is old and showcases our older setup and studio in Medford, MA.


Please check back soon for more recent videos of our Malden Studio!

Note:  The video below is old and showcases our older setup and studio in Huntsville, Alabama.


Please check back soon for more recent videos of our Boston Studio!


Running a music business is not cheap.  Advertising costs, search engine optimization fees, gear upgrades and maintenance, and website hosting is all very expensive!  Please feel free to donate as little as $1 to the cause of helping local artists record their music and remain happy.  Even a small donation can help in a big way!  All donations will go towards gear to be used on local artists or studio time for local talent.  You will receive a formal reciept showing the amount of your donation for your records!

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