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Our rates are flexible, especially for longer sessions. Our passion is to help local musicians make awesome sounding, high-quality recordings!  THERE IS A 2 HOUR MINIMUM TO RECORD
Methods of Payment
We currently accept cash, major credit cards, PayPal, and Google Wallet.  Feel free to contact us to inquire about other forms of payment.  Please let us know how you plan to pay before the session.
Like us on Facebook/follow us on any social media or sign up for our promo mailing list below to receive special substantially discounted limited time only promotional rates on studio time! 


Rates are $50 per hour (Engineer incl.)

or much lower, depending on the session engineer or if a promotion is used.  Please feel free to call for a quote


$30 per hour (Engineer not incl.)


> 5 hours = cheaper hourly rate, Call for a quote



It is a pleasure of ours to collaborate with musicians all around the US.  The mix shop recording studio offers the followingservices for customers in the Boston MA area, and outside of the Boston MA. area:


(1) Adding guitar, bass, keys and drums to a pre-recorded song, $350



(2) Producing a synth song from start to finish, $300


(3) Producing a live instrument track from start to finish, $600







We focus on recording and mixing but we can master a song when needed or provide a complete mixing/master package.



                                    Recorded at TMSRS    Recorded elsewhere

Stero mix                                    35              40

8 or less track stems               150            200

8 or more track stems              250            300






                                      Recorded at TMSRS    Recorded elsewhere

      12 or less track mix           175              225


       24 or less track mix          275              325


       > 25 tracks                        350              400



       note: add $15 more to include mastering with the mix



*We love to record singers and instruments and we specialize in it but it typically takes a little longer to do so.  Therefore, recording times below take this into account but hopefully the slightly higher prices don't discourage singers and instrumentalists from recording here because again, WE LOVE RECORDING SINGERS AND INSTRUMENTALISTS!  HAPPY MUSIC HAPPY WALLET!

1 song Demo/Single:


Includes unlimited hours recording, mixdown, and basic mastering



Hip Hop w/o singer:  $250


Hip Hop with singer:  $400

Instruments/singer:  $450

1 song Demo/Single + production:



Includes production of song, unlimited hours recording, mixdown, and basic mastering



Hip Hop w/o singer:  $450

Hip Hop with singer:  $600

Instruments/singer:  $700



10 full song album:



Includes unlimited hours recording, mixdown, and basic mastering for 10 songs!



Hip Hop w/o singer:  $2200


Hip Hop with singer:  $3300

Instruments/singer:  $3500


5 song EP:


Includes unlimited hours recording, mixdown, and basic mastering for 5 songs!



Hip Hop w/o singer:  $1200


Hip Hop with singer:  $1750


Instruments/singer:  $2000




In order to better serve our customers, we occasionally give special offers only to those who follow us on social media (Like us on Facebook), or subscribe to our promotion mailing list.  These offers may include substantially discounted rates and specials.  To those who subscribe to our mailing list, don't worry, we never spam your inbox.  we promise to only email you to provide you with a limited time only promo code.
Refer a friend
Refer a friend and both you and your friend get $20 in cash or credit to be used towards session!  This is only applicable if both you and your friend record 4 or more hours and cannot be used with promotional rates or other special offers.
Promo terms
Promotional Terms:
Promotional rates give you the artist the one time chance to record at lowered prices with the sole intent to make it easier on your wallet.  However, promotional rates are not meant to be exploited more than once.  By booking a session that uses a promo code, you agree to the terms and conditions to follow and they are non-negotiable.
Promotional rates are only to be used once per session.  The same promo code cannot be used more than once by an individual or group.  If an individual or group uses a promo code once, and attempts to use it again during a later session or by prebooking a later session with Pay-pal, they will have a balance at the end of the session equal to the number of hours recorded times the normal rate of $35 per hour and the promotional rates forfeit.  An artist or group can however use each offered promo code once even if each promo code is of the same discount, as long as the promo code itself is different and the promo codes are offered during different time periods meaning the first promo code has expired.
The Mix Shop Recording Studio (TMSRS) holds the right to decline to book a session with any artis or group for any reason.  If an artist or group prepays for a session using Paypal and TMRS declines to record them, TMRS is responsible for refunding their prepayment in it's entirety within 48 hours time.
Cancellations:  Please refer to our 
Please send any inquires regarding this policy or any other to and we will send you a reply as soon as possible.
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